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What does “Lisungi” mean? (Flyer download)


Lisungi is the word for giving aid in “lingala”, one of the many languages in Congo.


The adversity of people in Kongo is overwhelming. Every day, the country is confronted with numerous tragedies such as the civil war in eastern Congo,

severe diseases (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Marasmus), malnutrition and a collapsing healthcare system. A majority has no access to medical provision, which immensely hinders everyday life. Especially inhabitants of rural areas suffer from those calamities.


This appalling situation urged German-Congolese Mrs. Luzeyi Kuelusukina on founding the association “Lisungi”.


“Lisungi -Gesundheitsförderverein Kongo e.V.” (Lisungi - Health Promotion Association Congo Incorporated Association) is non-profit based and run by people who are dedicated to hands-on development policies. Its activity is focused on providing initial and primary healthcare in the poorly aided periphery around Kinshasa. Since 2010, Lisungi has been active locally in Kinshasa and has been able to reach and treat people even in remote and difficultly accessible villages.


Goals and Tasks

  • Reaching and helping pregnant women in distress, children and inhabitants of Kinshasa's periphery and near-by villages with the “Mobile Clinic Lisungi”.
  • Preventive work, education and sensitization of patients and their relatives on themes like family planning,AIDS and hygiene.
  • Extending the Mobile Clinic as a pilot project in the whole region.
  • Acquisition of a building which can be used as residence for the medical base and that serves as contact point for residents of the periphery.
  • Schooling and continuing education of personnel.
Conclusion: Only the fewest in the Democratic Republic of Congo are in a position to pay their medical provisions. Therefore, Lisungi keeps demanding “Health for everyone” - notwithstanding that this dream seems far away for Congolese.