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Socially disadvantaged people need our help and yours

Since 2009, our association has been working effectively to improve the health situation in the eastern periphery of Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

About us

What does Lisungi mean?

Lisungi in "Lingala", one of the many languages in the Congo means- to help, to assist.

The misery of the people of Congo is overwhelming. Every day, the country is confronted with numerous tragedies, such as the civil war that has been going on for many years in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, serious diseases (Ebola, yellow fever, HIV/AIDS, malaria, marasmus (malnutrition among children) and a collapsing health system. 

The majority of the population has no access to medical care, which makes daily life immensely difficult. The inhabitants of the rural areas in particular suffer from these grievances.

Our Projects

What just happened and is happening

Our projects include, among other things, medical support in the Congo. Thanks to financial support, we were able to set up facilities such as mobile clinics.

Base Station - Centre Médical Ma Santé

The base station under the name "Centre Médical -Ma Santé-" acts as a point of contact for the needy people and pregnant women who need medical assistance. The base station is open around the clock.

Lisungi Mobile Clinic

The Mobile Clinic Lisungi, which started as a pilot project, is now an indispensable effective aid that can and should expand to other parts of the country.

Medical education and training

In line with the goals of LISUNGI, the idea of helping people to help themselves is a guiding principle, because we assume that the solution to the problem must be found in one's own local forces. Therefore, the medical skills of local employees are to be promoted through training, additional training, further education and further education.


How you can support many people in the Congo


You can be sure that your donations will reach the people on the ground in the Congo without any detours and that we will report on them regularly.

Support in the Congo

The cooperation of many volunteers is of utmost importance for the projects and valuable for everyone.

Our Supporters

A thank you to you

We would like to thank all donors who contribute significantly to the success of the aid with small and large amounts and gifts. All of us, especially the local people, are grateful for your support from the bottom of our hearts, and we appreciate it immensely.

Through cooperation with several organizations and institutions, Lisungi has been able to finance some projects and provide many women and children with access to appropriate medical care. 

We, as an association, are deeply grateful to you for the support and your trust and any kind of your support and assistance!


Do you have any questions about our association or would you like to help?

Then please feel free to contact us using the following contact form.